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can i use expired test strips

Can I Use Expired Diabetic Test Strips?

There is no denying that for someone living with a disease like Diabetes, it is nothing but vital to have answers to questions such as can I use expired Diabetic test strips or not?

can i use expired test strips


Today, we have done all the heavy lifting and are here to help you unearth the answers related to can I use expired diabetic test strips. We understand that for someone with Diabetes, it is essential to keep a routine track of blood sugar. But, unfortunately, numerous people worldwide are still doing it the old-school way and visiting a doctor to get their Diabetes checked. But today, the modernized world trusts the Diabetic strips more than anything.


Undeniably, the diabetic test strips have made things relatively more accessible for those suffering from it. Still, there can't be any sugarcoating made to the fact that it gets expensive at times. This pressure of perpetual spending makes people look for ways to stretch their money to the best extend. One of the biggest debates of the medical industry once again ends with the conversation of the expiry dates of medicines and test strips.

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Coming to the questions of this blog- can I use expired diabetic test strips? Do diabetic test strips expire? What are the effects of expired blood sugar test strips and more?


If you also wonder about can I use expired Diabetic test strips, we are here to offer you a legit answer. For those finding the solutions for the same, continue reading as this blog will precisely brief you about the answers to the results of using expired test strips.


Do Diabetes Test Strips Expire?

: can i use expired test strips 

The response to this inquiry is a total yes. Diabetic test strips do terminate over the long run. Yes, you read that right. So now you must wonder why diabetic test strips depend on live chemicals to quantify glucose levels?


You must understand that essentially, the finish of each test strip gets covered with explicit proteins that respond with the glucose in your blood and change it into an electrical flow which then, at that point, permits the glucose meter to survey the grouping of glucose in the example.


To be precise, the thing is, these proteins are living life forms. It implies they can't keep going forever and will ultimately separate over the long haul. As you can envision, when this breakdown happens, it can think twice about the uprightness of glucose readings. As a result, your test strips look like just tiny fragments of plastic, notwithstanding they are profoundly touchy and complex clinical devices.


What Is The Accuracy Of Diabetic Test Strip Expiration Date?


You know it won't be wrong to say that it solely depends on how you see things. Manufacturers of respected test strips err on the side of caution when labeling their goods. It gets done for your protection, mainly to verify that any test strips you buy from them or one of their approved resellers work appropriately.


As a result, you can anticipate the expiration dates on these diabetic test strip packs to be conservative. In other words, or to be specific, these strips will not degrade in performance over time.


For example- diabetic test strips that expire on a Tuesday are unlikely to worsen when Wednesday arrives. So you've got a reasonable margin of error here. The main issue and risk come when people consider using diabetic test strips whose expirations dates get past six months or one year. Medical science doesn't support and encourage this behavior.


What Are The Risks Of Using Expired Diabetic Test Strips?

can i use expired test strips 

To begin with, by using expired Diabetic test strips, you are casually jeopardizing the integrity of your overall diabetes management and treatment plan. Yes, it can turn out to become that risky for your health. You must understand that once you suffer from a disease like Diabetes, your diabetes physician and care team precisely create the most effective and tailored diabetes treatment plan. By using an expired diabetic test strip, you hinder the procedure.


By far, you must have heard numerous people talk that Diabetes is something that can get cured only upon the basis of accurate data. Therefore, your doctors rely on accurate information when offering you medication. You know accurate and dependable blood sugar testing is vital than anything else in achieving this goal and keeping Diabetes under control.


Undeniably, the expense of Diabetes test strips adds up enormously for those who need to check their blood glucose levels numerous times each day. But you must understand there is no point in saving money on the cost of your health. Furthermore, we believe conserving money won't help you if you can't trust your test strips' results.


Let us break it to you, blood sugar levels that are biassed high or low can result from expired test strips. According to specific speculated data, as the enzymes on test strips deteriorate, less blood sugar gets converted, resulting in an incorrectly low reading on your blood glucose strip. However, more studies suggest that it becomes impossible to predict whether the results will be consistently high or low as the enzymes get old. In the end, you must understand that even the most prominent doctors state that blood glucose reading to be significantly less accurate with the expiry of the strips.


Gradually, these inaccurate results can become a big problem for a person who has Diabetes. The erroneous blood glucose readings will almost surely lead to poor diabetes management, leading to major diabetes-related health issues such as nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, eye problems, stroke, ketoacidosis, and other disorders.


Trust us when we say this, saving a few pennies, in the end, won't be worth it.


Wrapping It Up!


To summarise this blog, we would like to conclude by stating that the use of outdated diabetic test strips will undoubtedly continue for the coming years. But you must consider your options carefully before utilizing ancient test strips, as most medical professionals and the FDA strongly advise against it. Yes, that is correct. After all, it is not safe to create a mess with your diabetes plan.


In truth, as with most inquiries about your diabetes health and treatment, sitting down and talking with your trusted diabetes specialist is the best course of action. Nobody knows your situation as well as you do, and no one can provide you with more reliable answers.


Our sincere hope that you found this blog to be both educational and valuable. Being in the medical industry for so long, our sole intention is to keep you informed about the newest diabetes news and recommendations while serving you with the best Diabetes test strips. We have always believed in one thing, and that is- managing Diabetes should not be expensive. Hence, we work day and night to make top medical brands that you know accessible to everyone, regardless of people's financial situation.

 can i use expired test strips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. How to use Diabetes test strips?


  • In your blood glucose meter, insert a test strip.
  • Using the meter's small needle, prick your fingertip (called a lancet).
  • Squeeze a drop of blood and rub it on the test strip's edge.
  • The glucose meter can give you a blood sugar value in seconds.

Point to remember: A test strip can only get used once, so you will have to utilize a new one every time.


  1. Can I utilize expired blood sugar test strips?


In practice, if test strips are stored properly and are not damaged, people can utilize them for a short length of time after they have passed their expiration date. You should, however, expect an erroneous result. If you know the strip is expired, you're taking a chance by basing your diabetes management on it.


  1. Do blood sugar test strips expire?


It's been debatable for years whether people with Diabetes may safely use expired test strips. Some argue that if the test strips are correctly stored, and any damage gets avoided, they can utilize them quickly after their expiration date. However, this may result in an erroneous blood glucose level.


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