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OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 100ct

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One Touch Ultra Test Strips?

The One Touch Ultra Test Strips is a part of the OneTouch devices. These strips measure/check the concentration of blood glucose by self-testing. It is generally used to measure blood glucose concentration.

These are affordable, high-quality, easy-to-use test strips with a focus on the person with diabetes. If you have diabetes, you already know that with the right tools as well as a health plan, you can still enjoy eating sweets.

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How to use One touch ultra test strips?

You should use each test strip immediately after removing it from the vial. Then, insert the test strip into the test port with 3 contact bars facing you. Push the test strip in as far as it will go. So, after the black startup screen appears, then the meter will display the code from your previous/last test.

      • Be sure your hands are washed before using.
      • After placing a One Touch Ultra Test Strips in the glucometer, prick your fingertip with it for the blood sample.
      • Take a little blood sample on the end of the strip & check the reading.
      • After the test, dispose of the used strip.


      • For blood glucose testing.
      • Requires just a speck of blood.
      • Automatically checks each sample twice.
      • 50 pieces are available.
      • One time code. No new code must be entered.
      • Safe & cost-effective.

For blood glucose testing with the OneTouch Ultra or Ping meter remote:

      • Requires just a speck of blood.
      • The DoubleSure technology automatically inspects each sample twice to confirm the accurate result.
      • Proven accuracy.
      • Contains 1 vial of 50 test strips.


      • It has a DoubleSure technology that automatically checks your blood sample twice.
      • The resulting accuracy is already proven.
      • Easily verify if the OneTouch Ultra meter or the strips are working properly with the OneTouch ultra control solution or not.
      • Reading is accurate.
      • Faster result.
      • About 100 test strips are available in the box.
      • Easy to use.


      • To be used for testing the blood sugar level.
      • Strips are used one time each. The blood sample must be applied to the end of the strip.

Compatible with:

These One touch ultra test strips are compatible with the OneTouch Ultra meter device.

How accurate these test strips are?

In the clinical accuracy study, 100% of measurement for <75mg/dl within the 15mg/dl reference value. Also, 99.6% of measurement for >75mg/dl within the 20mg/dl.

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What glucose meter uses One Touch Ultra Test Strips?

These test strips feature DoubleSure technology which can automatically check each blood sample twice. These strips can be used with the OneTouch Ultra 2 Meter too.

What should a normal sugar level be?

A normal blood glucose level for an adult without diabetes, who have not eaten anything for at least 7-8 hours is less than 100mg/dl. Though, a normal blood sugar level for adults without diabetes, at least 2 hours after eating something is 90-110mg/dl.

Which finger is the best for Glucose Testing?

According to the WHO, the middle or ring fingers are used for blood glucose tests. Avoid using your little finger as the skin is thin there.

Safety Information:

    • Dispose of the used strip carefully.
    • Be careful while pricking your finger to get the blood sample.
    • Use a single strip only once.
    • Keep it in a dry & cool place.
    • Put it away from the moisture, heat and do not refrigerate.
    • Check the expiry date too.
    • FDA approved.
  • Blood Glucose Diabetic Test Strips: Proven accuracy at low and high blood glucose levels
  • DoubleSure Technology Test Strips: The Ultra 2 Meter automatically checks each blood sample twice
  • Quick Results: Each test strip only requires 0.4μl of blood and take 5 seconds to be read
  • A Brand You Can Trust: OneTouch is a world leader in blood glucose monitoring
  • Authentic OneTouch Product: OneTouch Ultra Diabetes Test Strips with a OneTouch Authenticity Seal
  • 100 Test Strips 

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