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FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100ct

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FreeStyle Lite Test Strips

FreeStyle Lite test strips are one of the top-selling diabetic test strips in the market. A portion of the key elements why FreeStyle Lite is so well known is because these test strips require 0.3 miniature litres of blood, possibly so when testing your blood glucose, you don't have to prick your finger such a lot of that it begins to be agonizing or makes a callous. It is a significant element because the FreeStyle lite glucose test strips require the littlest measure of blood contrasted with other test strips. Another justification for why the FreeStyle lite diabetic test strips are so well known and trusted is because of the unwavering quality and exactness that it gives.


  1. FreeStyle lancets
  2. FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Starter Kit
  3. FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter
  4. FreeStyle Glucose Control Solution


Benefits of FreeStyle Lite Test Strips

  1. Convenient to use- The new patented Zip-Wik tabs target blood tests for simple application and fast take-up. No coding is required, which implies there's one less advance when testing.
  2. Accurate- These strips provide more superior precision contrasted with other driving brands. They also decrease impedance from 22 of the normal substances. 
  3. Reduced wastage of test strips- These strips provide a chance to reapply blood for 60 seconds. They require, without a doubt, the littlest blood test size, which is only 33% of the blood needed from contrasting brands.
  4. Compatible to get used for both Type 1 and Type 2- You can utilize the strips for taking a look at both Type 1 Diabetes just as Type 2 Diabetes patients.
  5. Extensive compatibility- FreeStyle Lite Test Strips are compatible with numerous FreeStyle devices. 
  6. Can check capillary blood- The strips can gauge or look at the measure of glucose in capillary blood.


Features of FreeStyle Lite Test Strips

  1. Does not require coding. This stunning component simplifies it and is more helpful to begin testing.
  2. You might test utilizing your fingers, lower arm, hand, upper arm, thigh, palm and calf. When testing for hypoglycemia (low glucose) or, in case you have hypoglycemia unawareness, it gets suggested you utilize your finger. 
  3. A striking tiny sample size of 0.3 miniature litres of blood is all that gets required for FreeStyle Lite Test Strips
  4. In around 5 seconds, exact blood glucose results are accessible with these strips. 
  5. Straightforward to deal with and use for all-ages individuals and all sexual orientations.
  6. Compatible with FreeStyle lancets, FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Starter Kit, FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter and FreeStyle Glucose Control Solution.

How to test blood glucose levels using FreeStyle Lite Test Strips?

  1. Before starting with the testing, make sure to clean up fundamentally. 
  2. After this, you need to take a limited quantity of blood tests from any of your fingers. You can do this using a lancet kit.
  3. You need to take out a Freestyle Lite Test strip and insert it into the viable gadget. 
  4. Use gadgets tenderly and solidly so you won't get yourself injured. 
  5. Allow the blood to get absorbed on the other end of the strip. 
  6. When you do this, a little clock will show up on your meter for 5 seconds. 
  7. From that point forward, it will show you the exact aftereffect of your glucose level.


  1. Try not to utilize test strips past the expiration date! It might cause erroneous outcomes. 
  2. Utilize just one sample space of the test strip per test. 
  3. Try not to apply blood to both sample regions. Test strips must get utilized just a single time. 
  4. Dispose of used test strips. 
  5. You can keep on filling the test strip for as long as 60 seconds. 
  6. Make sure to reapply the sample to a similar sample region. 

FreeStyle Lite test strips are exceptionally intended for quick, simple testing and get planned to be utilized with FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System and FreeStyle Freedom Lite Meter, as it were. Their licensed Zip-Wik tabs break the outer layer of the blood test for fast engrossing activity. Also, as an additional perk, there's no coding required. Test the degree of glucose in your blood in the comfort of your own home utilizing the FreeStyle Lite Test Strips