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One Touch Verio Test Strips 100ct

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OneTouch Verio Test Strips

The OneTouch Verio Test Strips are a versatile self-testing pack for diabetic patients to check their glucose levels. An individual can undoubtedly test with this at home or any other place they want. You can get precise outcomes as fast as could be expected. The glucose levels of a body can get checked with the assistance of these strips. These get used for accurate results and are not difficult to utilize, and require no manual coding. The test strips are used with the blood glucose checking framework for estimating the degree of sugar in the blood capillaries. 

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How to test blood glucose levels using OneTouch Verio Test Strips?

  1. Install the OneTouch Verio test strip into the test strip port with the gold side of the test strip and the two silver prongs confronting you. 
  2. The OneTouch Verio test strips require just 0.4 MicroLiter of blood. 
  3. Apply your sample to the channel opening. 
  4. Make sure to apply your sample immediately you get a drop of blood. 
  5. When the test strip comes in contact with your blood, it wicks blood into the channel. The channel should fill. 
  6. The channel becomes red, and the meter will count down from 5 to 1.

Note- Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before checking your blood glucose levels and never reuse a strip. 


The key benefits

  1. Seven years of demonstrated precision at exceptionally low and extremely high blood glucose levels 
  2. It takes around just 5 seconds to show results 
  3. Require only a smidgen of blood - 0.4Micro Liter 
  4. Takes a look at the sample multiple times for solid outcomes 
  5. Side fill test strip ‚ÄĒ extraordinary for righties and lefties

Learn How to use OneTouch Verio Test Strips  


  1. Requires just 0.4 microliters of blood 
  2. Visual affirmation window so it's not difficult to see when you've applied sufficient blood 
  3. No manual coding required
  4. Side-fill test strip permits you to test utilizing either side of the test strip 
  5. It gives speedy absorbing activity 
  6. Compatible  with the OneTouch Verio, OneTouch Verio IQ or OneTouch VerioSync meters 
  7. Minuscule blood test required on one or the other side of the strip (helpful whether you're righty or lefty) 
  8. Effectively filters each blood test multiple times accurately for standard impedance's to give an exact outcome


Uses of One Touch Verio Test Strip

  1. The OneTouch Verio Test Strips can assist you with glucose observing. 
  2. You can utilize the strips to look at both Type 1 Diabetes just as Type 2 Diabetes patients. 
  3. These strips are probably the best Glucometer strips. 
  4. The strips can quantify or look at the measure of glucose in capillary blood.


Precautions to be taken

  1. Each strip gets expected to get used only once and not for reusing 
  2. Arrange the pre-owned strips appropriately 
  3. Store the container of the strips away from the immediate daylight in some cool and dry spot. 
  4. Try not to freeze; get it far from the dampness. 
  5. Capacity ought to be at typical room temperature. 
  6. Close the container appropriately after taking a strip out. 
  7. While taking the blood test, don't attempt the gadget excessively hard, or you will wind up harming yourself. 
  8. Try not to store the strip box or any strips if they have passed their expiry date. 
  9. Guarantee to keep it out of the span of minors or youngsters. 
  10. Continuously clean up before utilizing them.


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How to apply blood on a OneTouch Verio Test Strip?

  1. When you embed the test strip into the meter, the Apply Blood screen shows up on display, and you would then be able to apply your blood test to one or the other side of the test strip (to the opening of the channel). 
  2. Put your sample to the opening of the channel. 
  3. Make sure to apply your sample instantly you get a drop of blood. 
  4. Holding the meter at a slight point, guide the channel to the blood drop. 
  5. Blood should not be applied on the highest point of the test strip or to the top edge of the test strip.

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